Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowls


Singing Bowls are one of the ancient Tibetan meditation tools. The pure sounds produced when the rim is rubbed by the mallet is said to put the brain into a meditative state. The vibrations of the singing bowls have the same wavelength found in the brainwaves that produce feelings of relaxation.

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Chakra Chart


Tibetan style Singing Bowlsfull chakra set, with one bowl for each color of the Chakras (total 7). Each chakra singing bowl comes with a multi-colored cushion ring and box. These exquisite singing bowls will add color, charm and interest to any home or sacred place.

Dimensions: Each bowl is 4.75″ wide by 2.75″ high

While many health claims have been made regarding these singing bowls, science shows they can induce deep states of relaxation, and wellness.  They have been used in holistic healing and psychotherapeutic arts extensively.  Some people use the bowls and bells to bring about a state of calmness when receiving medical treatments, as various sound and music practices have been shown to be quite effective before, during and after surgery, for instance.  Small Tibetan bowls such as these can be placed and sounded directly on the body, or on one’s chakras, carrying their vibrations directly into tissue or etheric field, for deeper stimulation of their relaxing sounds and harmonies. Gently and steadily rubbing wooden mallets along the rims of these sacred instruments produces tones and overtones which are said to harmonize with the elements and beings in the subtle realms, as well.  Bowls can also be used on the body, in patterns around the auric field, on the chakras, or in healing spirals.

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Small Hand-Hammered, Large Hand-Hammered, Ganesha Singing Bowl with Flat Sides, Chakra Singing Bowl (Red-Root), Chakra Singing Bowl (Orange-Sacral), Chakra Singing Bowl (Yellow-Solar Plexus), Chakra Singing Bowl (Green-Heart), Chakra Singing Bowl (Blue-Throat), Chakra Singing Bowl (Cobalt-Third Eye), Chakra Singing Bowl (Purple-Crown)