GnuPharma™ | HNR™ Flavored Inhalable Aromatherapy IAT


HNR Inhalable Aromatherapy IAT, is a new alternative to nicotine. Made with all natural organic herbs mixed with 100% Vegetable Glycerin (VG). This may be used in your personal aromatherapy device. HNR is available in multiple flavors or in a raw format which you may add to any 0 MG flavor. This is NOT a tobacco product.

Blondie: tropical fruits & juicy berries

Mint Tac: creamy peppermint flavor

Cream Leaf: Sweet caramel creams and rich tobacco

Waterberry: Sugared watermelon and berry candies

Root Beer: A burst of crisp and creamy root beer

Maple Cakes: Stacks of fresh pancake flavor with a maple drizzle and pecan crumble

Big Top: Bright, juicy apple flavor drenched in creamy caramel

Dirty Monkey: Chocolate covered fried bananas



What is HNR™ Inhalable Aromatherapy?

HNR™ Herbal Nicotine Alternative, is a proprietary herbal blend that is designed to give support for moving away from Nicotine in an Inhalable Aromatherapy (IAT).

How To Use HNR™?

HNR™ is designed to work in any personal aromatherapy device. For best results we recommend that you do not heat the product above 50 watts.

HNR™ is also available in a raw format as an additive, which may be added to any 0-MG flavor to create an herbal nicotine experience.

How does HNR™ work?

We support a healthy Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is directly and indirectly responsible for many functions and processes within the body. In particular, the ECS is the lead system and plays a strong role in both feeding and craving behaviors. Feeding craving behaviors are not only how we eat but at a more basic level, they are how our bodies as for resources.

People who have addictions are experiencing their bodies craving a substance at a very basic and neurological level. And whether the addiction is food, drugs or other substances, the ECS manages those cravings. Similar to when we are hungry, a resource need is signaled within the brain and we experience hunger pangs.

This is your body asking for resources…

We are providing a nutritious alternative, and we believe much healthier, resources for the body.

Our Quality Promise

At GnuPharma™, continuous management review of our quality processes insures that every herb we use is stringently tested by two nationally accredited laboratories for identity, purity, heavy metals, microorganisms, and more before being blended into our amazing products. All State and Federal Guidelines are followed in the production of our products to guarantee your safety and well-being.

That’s our quality promise to you!

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Big Top, Blondie, Mint Tac, Cream Leaf, Waterberry, Root Beer, Maple Cakes, Dirty Monkey

Inhalable Aromatherapies are available in 30 ML.