Von Vape Reserve E-liquids


Von Vape always begins with the highest quality ingredients available! All of the raw materials are locally sourced from the best American suppliers to ensure that they can create, blend and deliver 100% US produced Von Vape Premium Black Label e-liquids at the highest standards.

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Von Vape Reserve line

Aristocrat has a crisp, tart green apple flavor & sweet bouquet that tastes and smells as if you just picked it from the apple orchard this morning. Take your time and enjoy this fresh, fruity and simple flavor.

Crown has a very soft, smooth, sweet cherry flavor & bouquet that tastes and smells as if you just plucked it from the cherry tree. A hard one to perfect and we did just that, let us know if you agree!

Magnus is a true juicy giant red grape with its crisp, refreshing flavor and a berry bouquet, our large red grape tastes and smells rich and deep like a fresh bunch picked from the vine. This is that spot on all day grape vape!

Highborn is a flawless blend of sweet and tart berry, with just a little bit of fizz. The bold flavor and bouquet of this eLiquid offers the unspoiled energy medley, pleasure and experience minus the calories!

Sovereign has a juicy, refreshing flavor & bouquet that tastes and smells like you just cut a fresh slice from a perfectly ripe summer Watermelon. Best of all you can savor it long after summer and fresh melons are gone. A Von Vape favorite.

Empire is the perfect mix of vine ripe, explosive berry flavor & a fresh picked sweet bouquet that tastes and smells like you picked farm fresh raspberries straight from the vine. Take your time and enjoy the lite flavors & delicate aromas of the flawlessly captured raspberry essence.

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Aristocrat, Crown, Highborn, Magnus, Sovereign, Empire

Nicotine Level

0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg

Available in 30 ML.

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