ECS Inhalable Aromatherapies


The IAT is an “Inhalable Aromatherapy”, that will work in your personal aromatherapy device. The IAT’s compliment the capsules, essential oils and teas.

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  • Flavor Profile: Creamy blackberry and blueberry flavor.

ECS Relief

  • Flavor Profile: Tropical Fruit Flavor

ECS Focus

  • Flavor Profile: Mint Tac Flavors

ECS Foundation

  • Flavor Profile: Creamy caramel butterscotch.

Product Information

ECS Inhalable Aromatherapies (IAT) are the first fully integrated products from GnuPharma. This product combines all of the benefits of our GnuPharma ECS capsules. This results in a inhalable aromatherapy product which tastes good, provides all of the benefits associated with our ECS products.

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Additional Information


ECS Fit, ECS Focus, ECS Relief, ECS Foundation

Inhalable Aromatherapies are available in 30 ML.

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