About Us

Our Story

GnuWellness has developed from GnuPharma.  GnuPharma has a model of human function and an herbal system of influence.  It is the GnuWellness belief that most human conditions, and certainly those that have to do with regulation issues, can be mitigated by herbal solutions.  Long before modern medicine, shaman’s, mystics, herbalist, native americans all at least partially understood this knowledge.  Now with the GnuPharma model, this knowledge can be completely explained and developed into more mature herbal formulations which are more complete and powerful.  It is common for us, as a modern society, to believe that science has advanced beyond the natural realm.  Consider for a second how modern medicine are built…most use the same system and use plant based “molecules”, that when traced back to their sources are usually common and everyday herbs or spices.

For instance, one of our products is something called “herbal nicotine replacement” or HNR.  HNR is “built” to satisfy the same cravings as nicotine, yet is not a tobacco product and contains no nicotine or by products of nicotine.  In fact it is an “engineered” product and as such we have added another herb, cocoa, which contains a molecule called theobromine.  Theobromine is the main component is most COPD (a breathing disorder) and Asthma drugs.  We believe we have built a far better smoking cessation product than anything available on the market today…and it works with existing technologies.

At GnuWellness we believe that the GnuPharma model is exactly what the ancient Chinese and Indian herbal medicines are based on.  Further, with the GnuPharma model, these ancient formulations can be “evaluated” for missing components or pieces and actually be made to work better.

We have studied ancient medicines from around the globe, and then we have careful selected only the best and most effective spices.  We have blended them together, in a way, which we believe could impact your health.  We have initially targeted our formulations at conditions, but each of our formulations will improve your overall health.