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ECS Inhalable Aromatherapies #IAT

ECS inhalable aromatherapies are the first fully integrated products from GnuPharma. These products combine all of the same benefits of our GnuPharma ECS capsules. This results in an inhalable aromatherapy product which tastes good, provides all of the benefits associated with our ECS products, and may assists with nicotine cravings. Our IAT’s may be used in a personal aromatherapy device.



Fit is a natural way to provide added support for healthy eating habits. This IAT compliments our Foundation and Fit Herbal Supplements.

ECS Relief

A natural way to provide relief from occasional aches and pains. This IAT compliments our Relief Herbal Supplement and Essential Oil.

ECS Focus

Focus is a natural way to provide added support to healthy brain functions. This IAT compliments the Foundation Capsules & Focus Essential oils.

ECS Foundation

Foundation is a natural way to support a healthy Endocannabinoid and Regulation Systems. This IAT compliments the Foundation Capsules, Foundation Essential Oil and Foundation Herbal Tea.

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